I frequently think of things that I want to do differently in the next round.  Rather than try to hold those in my brain, I'm going to note them here for all of us! :)

  • I don't want to give up sweets, alcohol, and caffeine for life.  Once I'm done with this set, I'm seeking moderation in those those instead of deprivation. 
  • I miss running.  In the next iteration of P90X2, I need to add a running day.   I want my next race to be a personal record race (under 2:24 for half marathon, under 5:30 for a full).
  • An occasional binge day is in order.
  • I like that the food in the P90X2 nutrition plan is easy to make.  Now, I need to figure out how to make use of all my cookbooks to fit within the nutrition plan! 
  • Planning meals out each week is totally the way to go.  Why didn't I do that before? ;) 
  • After a month on this nutrition plan, it's time to re-evaluate and learn from it.  5 total cheats is totally unrealistic.  But, 1 cheat per week or 3 cheats per phase is probably more doable. [Update: HA!  1 cheat per week! Maybe in Phase 3.]
  • Watch the DVDs before I actually have to do the exercises, so I don't spend the first workout just figuring out what to do.  
  • My schedule feels so full.  I feel like I need to start waking up at 5 AM just to get everything done in my life! [Update: I am not doing this.]
  • Measure my body fat once per month, rather than once per week.  
  • I don't need 7 days of recovery -- I get bored and I cheat more often.  I think 4-5 days of recovery are sufficient. 
  • I only need 3 weeks in each Phase, in the 4th week, I start to feel the fatigue.    

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